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FSS Agave HSP:
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Preserved with Leucidal Liquid

Water Soluble


Factors such as ozone layer depletion, extreme temperatures, and strong UV radiation have resulted in an urgent need for skincare products that offer an extra layer of protection against a precarious environment. When searching for a natural plant source to bolster skin defenses against the perils of environmental stress, look no further than agave. FSS Agave HSP incorporates the defensive mechanisms employed by agave to protect the skin from damage caused by increasingly intense and harmful surroundings. The succulent plant expresses heat-shock proteins (HSPs) as an extraordinary defense system to protect itself while thriving in harsh desert conditions that grow more callous as global warming steadily advances. FSS Agave HSP is the result of the fermentation of agave with Saccharomyces cerevisiae for enhanced bioavailability to deliver the reparative, protecting, and soothing benefits of heat-shock proteins. FSS Agave HSP is ideal for protecting against environmental factors that are a detriment to the health and beauty of our skin.

Agave is a perennial plant found in tropical and subtropical arid environments. Agave is exposed to persistently changing stress factors, such as drought and extreme temperatures, which cause damage to the plant cell and lead to oxidative or osmotic stress. The agave’s remarkable ability to shield itself from environmental stressors makes it an ideal natural defender against the sun and extreme heat. As a mechanism to adapt to the environmental stress, the agave plant produces a group of proteins known as HSPs. Heat shock and other forms of pathophysiological stress induce the expression of HSPs in all cells and tissues. The heat shock response results in an increased expression of HSPs enabling cells to resist damage from further stress exposure.


HSPs play a role in the folding and unfolding of other proteins. Protein folding is the process by which a protein structure assumes it functional shape or conformation. After coiling and folding into a specific three-dimensional shape, proteins are able to perform their biological function. However, elevated temperatures and other stressors, including altered pH and oxygen deprivation, make it difficult for proteins to form their proper structures and causes protein unfolding or denaturing. HSPs function as intra-cellular chaperones for other proteins by preventing unwanted protein aggregation and assisting in the development of proper protein conformation. HSPs in agave disassemble protein aggregates formed by denatured proteins under stress and thereby increases the plant’s survival. Through their role in protein refolding, stabilization and degradation, HSPs have become of interest in the investigation of the molecular mechanisms of skin aging. HSPs have been found to promote the degradation of damaged proteins, in addition to their role in protein folding.2 Damaged proteins and damaged cellular components are themselves a source of further damage and aging itself is nothing more than the accumulation of damage and its side-effects. HSPs may then be able to slow down the progression of aging by preventing the accumulation of damage in cells and stabilizing cell membranes.


FSS Agave HSP capitalizes on the restorative power of the plant’s heat-shock proteins to maximize epidermal hydration while stimulating collagen synthesis for optimal anti-aging benefits. Between these benefits and the ability to stabilize cell membranes, FSS Agave HSP can help to overcome the wide array of environmental factors that are a detriment to the health and beauty of our skin. FSS Agave HSP can be used in cosmetic and personal care products as the perfect addition to promote moisturization, wound healing, soothing, and the overall health of the skin.

INCI Nomenclature:

Saccharomyces/Agave Americana Leaf Ferment Filtrate

Suggested Use Levels:



Yellow to Amber Liquid


Water Soluble

Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months, properly stored, in sealed container.

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

References: 1) Vigneron JP, Rassart M, Vértesy Z, Kertész K, Sarrazin M, Biró LP, Ertz D, Lousse V. Optical structure and function of the white filamentary hair covering the edelweiss bracts. Physical Review E (American Physical Society) January 2005;71. 2) Finner AM. Nutrition and hair:deficiencies and supplements. Dermatologic Clinic. 2013 January;31(1):167-72. 2) Dobner MJ, Schwaiger S,

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