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FSS Phyto-Biotics Apple
FSS Phyto-Biotics Apple


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FSS Phyto-Biotics Apple

Apple Stem Cells

Immortality is the only true form of anti-aging. The ability of tissues to regenerate declines as we become older, making this one of the main causes of aging. The regenerative potential of is directly related to the process of stem cells replacing damaged tissues and cells, making aging, explicitly, dependent on the function of stem cells. Cells are defined by which side of the “immortality line” they fall. The Hayflick Limit is a phenomenon that proves cells can only endure a limited number of divisions. When time is up, cell proliferation ceases and the cell enters senescence. Cells can also enter into senescence prematurely because of DNA or protein damage. However, stem cells are an exception to the rule. Not subject to immortality, or Hayflick’s Limit of thirty-six total divisions, stem cells are capable of replicating themselves indefinitely. In a biological system, this is the ideal basis for a repair system. Unfortunately, this system is one that cannot be incorporated into cosmetic systems. Yet, nature presents an alternative strategy, which can be utilized for delivering the benefits of stems cells into cosmetics.

The latest research shows that plant stem cells can slow skin aging by defending against extrinsic stress, keeping skin looking youthful longer. This discovery has opened the door in cosmetic stem cell research and provided technological advances in the cosmetic industry, as there are no ethical controversies over the use of plant stem cells as there are embryonic stem cells.

Uttwiler spatlauber was discovered in the 18th century; however, today it is an endangered species of apple. Initially, these rare Swiss apples were dismissed due to their bitter flavor. Despite their flawless skin, Uttwiler spatlauber apples have fallen victim to sweeter varieties of apples. However, Uttwiler spatlauber still trumped other apples in one category; the ability to be stored for an extended period without revealing spoiled or shriveled skin. This quality of Uttwiler spatlauber was of great interest to those researching the benefits of stem cells and anti-aging cosmetics.

Advances in technology prompted researchers to use tissue from Uttwiler spatlauber to initiate a plant cell culture. The mature variety of these apple trees contain potent tissue stem cells with the ability to regenerate and proliferate plant stem cells, producing a whole plant, only tissue, or just single cells in culture to harvest. In addition to this discovery, stem cells from Uttwiler spatlauber have presented the cosmetic industry with entirely new set of ammunition to combat signs of aging. Incorporating plant stem cells in to cosmetic applications can slow the signs of aging, promoting youthful skin with a more beautiful aesthetic.

However, instead of utilizing these stem cells to protect other stem cells, a product was developed capable of promoting the renewal of all types of cells. Stem Cell Technology is of great interest due to stem cells being the building blocks of all cells. With this knowledge, plant stem cells can be used to deliver specific nutritional requirements for any number of cell lines. Just as the skin of fruit shrivels, becoming less appetizing over time, the skin on our face wrinkles, becoming less attractive with age. However, the cosmetic gap that existed between appearance and age may have found its bridge. Uttwiler spatlauber has demonstrated the ability to defend and repair its own skin remaining fresh and flavorful for up to four months.

Looking to create a formula capable of erasing years off the face? By incorporating FSS Phyto-Biotics Apple into personal skin care products, formulators have the ability to promote a regimen that feeds currently aging cells with nutrients that will result in smooth, fresh, youthful skin, without cosmetic surgery.

INCI Nomenclature:

Water & Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture & Glycerin & Lecithin & Xanthan Gum & Phenoxyethanol

Suggested Use Levels:





White to Yellow Turbid, Viscous Liquid




Water Soluble

Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months, properly stored, in sealed container.

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

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