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FSS Ceramide 3
FSS Ceramide 3


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FSS Ceramide 3:
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FSS Ceramide 3

Ceramides are classified as lipid molecules and are typically composed of fatty acids and sphingosine. Present in high concentrations within cellular membranes, ceramides are components of sphingomyelin, one of the major lipids of the lipid bilayer. Credited with providing structural support to cells and improving cellular integrity, ceramides, such as ceramide 3, maybe used in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care applications.

Ceramides are thought to increase collagen production in fibroblasts when administered in small doses. When the amount of ceramide is slightly increased, the extracellular matrix becomes homeostatically synthesized, therefore increasing the amount of collagen. This increase in collagen production goes hand in hand with ceramides’ ability to increase cellular turnover.

Ceramides are essentially the “glue” that holds our skins surface cells together. When the skins barrier is intact, the skin looks smooth, glowing and younger. Ceramides help to support the skin in order to maintain natural collagen, elastin and structural proteins for younger looking skin.

Ceramides are also present in the hair cuticle. The cuticle is the thin outermost layer of the hair that serves to protect the hair shaft and provide the hair with strength. Damaged hair often has ceramides that are missing, causing the hair to become dull, dry and increasing the chance of breakage. When used in hair care applications, ceramides can improve the hair cuticle and restore the hairs natural moisture balance. Ceramides can also protect the hair from environmental conditions as well as mechanical damage to improve the hairs shine, texture and combability.

Ceramide 3 is recognized for reinforcing and protecting the skin from trans‐epidermal water loss (TEWL). It’s also believed that ceramide 3 may also help improve epidermal integrity while providing protection from photo damage, surfactants, stress, and low humidity conditions. Environmental factors cause the skins natural ceramides to be compromised, leading to loss of moisture and allowing irritants to easily enter the skin. Cermides help to increase hydration and to reinforce the skins protective barrier.

FSS Ceramide 3 is dispersible in oil.

Suggested Use Levels: 1 – 5%

Suggested Applications: Moisturization, Improved barrier function

INCI Nomenclature:

Ceramide NP


White Crystalline Powder

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