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FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF
FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF


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FSS Bamboo IsoFlavones PF

Preserved with Leucidal Liquid
Water Soluble

Arundinaria gigantea or giant bamboo is native to the United States. It is a hardy and fast growing renewable resource. Bamboo is not only a rich source of natural silica it also contains isoflavones with ORAC values higher than that of vitamin C with cell proliferation stimulating capabilites. In order to enhance the extraction of the active components of this plant, biofermentation tech­niques have been utilized.

The manufacturing process begins by macerating bamboo stalks and leaves. The mixture is then fermented with Lactobacillus lactis which forms a bio-sil­icate with the silica from the plant matrix and isolates powerful antioxidants without using harsh chemicals, thus leaving us with a solution containing bio­chelated silica and isoflavones.

The bio-complexed silica extracted from the bamboo through a natural fermentation process provides a slip on the skin similar to that of commonly used silicones. A 20 subject sensory panel was assembled to determine the in-vivo improvement in epidermal slip using FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF. Panelists were asked to compare the improvement in slip using FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF to a biological control. A 10% concentration of FSS Bam­boo Isoflavones PF was prepared in a standard aqueous solution; a 50μl dose was then applied to the subjects’ left hand. The results demonstrate that FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF increases epidermal slip by more than 60% when compared to the biological control.

The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity test was used as a way to measure antioxidant activity. The RFU values for a 0.1% concentration of FSSBamboo Isoflavones PF exceeded that of 0.1% of vitamin C by over 1000 on the ORAC scale indicating that the isoflavones contained in the product have strong antioxidant and skin protective benefits

An MTT assay was also performed to assess the ability of FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF to stimulate cell proliferation. Again, 1% FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF performed almost as well as the positive control (fibroblast growth medium) in cell proliferation stimulation.

FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is a natural alternative to silicone with the added benefit of strong antioxidant pro­tection. FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is suitable for improving epidermal slip and aesthetics, and it may be used in applications such as lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, leave in treatments, and make-up.
FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF functions well as an all-around anti-aging ingredient not only capable of preventing damage to the skin due to oxidative stress but also stimulating cell proliferation to aid in repairing existing damage while provid­ing an aesthetic slip on the skin.

INCI Nomenclature:

Lactobacillus/Arundinaria gigantea Leaf Ferment Filtrate

Suggested Use Levels:


Suggested Applications:

Antioxidant Benefits, Increase Fibroblast Proliferation, Improve Slip, Improve Aesthetics




Orange/Brown Viscous Liquid

Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months, properly stored, in sealed container.

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what temperature can FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF be added into a formulation?

50°C or less

2. At what pH range can FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF be added into a formulation?

Between 4 and 7.

3. What are the benefits associated with FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF?

FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is of natural origin and bamboo is very well perceived by customers. For this reason its demand has significantly increased over the last years. In fact DataMonitor reports that label claims for bamboo have increased by 325% in 2009, as a result, adding this ingredient to cosmetic applications will provide excellent marketing benefits. In addition to its superb marketing appeal, FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is an excellent natural alternative to silicone elastomer solutions that will also provide potent antioxidant and anti-aging benefits thanks to its capability to enhance collagen synthesis.

4. How much FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF should be used in a formulation to replace a silicone elastomer solution?

FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is a direct replacement of a silicon elastomer solution. For example, if 5% of a silicon elastomer solution is intended to be added into a formulation, 5% of FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is required to replace it.

5. What does the PF in the trade name stands for?

Preservative Free, this means that this product is free of ingredients traditionally perceived as preservatives.

6. What is an ORAC Assay?

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, it is a study designed to measure the antioxidant properties of a substance.

7. What is an MTT Assay?

Today MTT assays are one of the most accepted and reliable methods used to examine cell proliferation. In this assay the tetrazolium MTT (3-(4,5-deimethylthiazolyl-2)-2, 5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide), a water-soluble yellow dye, is reduced to formazan, a water-insoluble purple dye. This reduction occurs in the mitochondria of metabolically active cells. A spectrophotometer is then used to quantify the absorbance of the formazan at a wavelength between 500 and 600 nm. Since the conversion of the yellow dye into the purple dye only occurs in live cells, this conversion is directly correlated to an increase in cellular proliferation. The increase can be quantified by measuring the absorbance of the sample as darker substances are understood to exhibit a higher absorbance. MTT assays are also commonly used as in-vitro indicators of toxicity. This is because if the absorbance results are lower in the variable than the control that is an indication that the substance affected the viability of the cells, and therefore it should be considered as toxic.

8. What is the difference between FSS Bamboo Bioferment PF and FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF?

FSS Bamboo Bioferment PF is capable of providing enhanced slip benefits and therefore it can be considered an excellent natural alternative to silicone elastomer solutions. FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is also capable of providing the same enhanced slip benefits of FSS Bamboo Bioferment, however the isoflavones in FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF, which are isolated from bamboo leaves, provide additional antioxidant benefits. Its antioxidant properties are superior to those of Vitamin C and Trolox (analogue of Vitamin E); two very well know potent antioxidants.

9. Is FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF appropriate for use in hair care applications?

Definitely, FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is capable of providing protection against environmental stressors that can cause damage. In addition FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF can also be used to help enhance combability and to leave the hair smooth and sleek. In fact, bamboo ingredients are currently being used in hair care products for multinational brands.

10. What is the best way to maximize the tactile properties of FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF?

FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF provides excellent slip properties when directly applied to the skin.

However these benefits are better perceived when FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF is added to a base formulation and then applied to the skin.

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