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FSS Yogurt Extract EF
FSS Yogurt Extract EF


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FSS Yogurt Extract EF

Preserved with Leucidal Liquid

Yogurt is widely recognized for its health benefits. The principal benefits have often been thought to be due to the vitamins, calcium and other minerals present. In addition to its traditional role as a food product, people have also used yogurt to improve skin conditions. First developed as early as 2000 BC in Mid-Eastern civilizations, yogurt was a way to preserve milk. One type of yogurt is thought to have originated by nomadic tribes of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. However, fermented and cultured milks may actually predate recorded history.

Yogurt is produced by inoculating milk with L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus. Not unexpectedly, milk contains significant concentrations of growth factor. Researchers have reported that bovine milk contains platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), Insulin-like growth factors (IGF-I, IGF-II), as well as transforming growth factor (TGF-â). These growth factors, present in the whey or liquid fraction, stimulate fibroblast proliferation as well as the production of extra cellular proteins such as collagen.

Collagen is described as the protein that forms the structural grid that holds other skin structures in place, thus an important skin molecule. It plays a role somewhat similar to that of steel rods in a reinforced concrete block. Collagen gives the skin its strength and durability. As with any other protein, collagen is composed of amino acids. Yet, it is unusually rich in a few specific amino acids, hydroxyproline, lysine and glycine. Many believe that foods or supplements rich in these amino acids may benefit the skin by stimulating collagen production (Campbell, N.A. Biology 4th ed. 1996; 80,782). Increasing collagen production is important because the age-related decline in the collagen synthesis is partly responsible for the signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and sagging.

One of the important concepts to consider is that the aforementioned growth factors are proteins. In any inflammatory event, protease (enzymes responsible for protein breakdown) activity is increased. If a single growth factor is applied to the skin, it is likely that its effects will be inhibited by the presence of endogenous proteases. A field of interest where yogurt is receiving a great deal of attention is probiotics. A probiotic is “an organism that contributes to the health and balance of the intestinal tract; also referred to as ‘friendly’, ‘beneficial’, or ‘good’ bacteria which when ingested act to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and help fight illness and disease”. Probiotics are found in live microbial food supplements and fermented foods such as yogurt. They are known as non-pathogenic microorganisms that may significantly improve one’s health. They inhabit one’s intestinal tract, skin, urogenital tract, oral and nasal cavities, and any area that is exposed to the outside world.

Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) produce a variety of health benefits. Studies have shown increase immune function, more efficient mineral metabolism, and beneficial changes in flora. A single mechanism is not responsible for the benefits. Specific and non-specific immune responses occur as a result of probiotic treatment. It is generally speculated that presentation of LAB to the immune system relaxes it from environmentally induced hyper-vigilance. One of the main products produced by LAB is lactic acid. Lactic acid, being a member of the alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs, works on the skin’s lipids by dismantling them, which allow the dead cells’ outer layer to fall off (Chatelaine 1993 Sep;66(9):22). This process is done by their ability to weaken bonds which hold dead skin cells together, thus provoking the dead cells to shed from the skin’s surface. AHAs have obtained the approval of the FDA as agents capable of penetrating the skin’s barrier, thus increasing the turnover rate of cells and lowers the outer skin’s thickness. Lactic acid is an excellent moisturizing ingredient beneficial for most hyper-proliferate skin conditions.

While probiotic treatments typically focus on gastrointestinal or urogenital health, new research shows that it may have utility in the treatment of atopic eczema. In this study, infants fed formula enriched with bacteria (Bifidobacterium lactic Bb12 or Lactobacillus strain GG (ATCC53103)) showed a significant reduction in atopic eczema. While there is a current lack of research dedicated to the effects of probiotics applied directly to the skin, it is interesting to speculate as to the benefits.

INCI Nomenclature:

Water & Yogurt Extract

Suggested Use Levels:



Exfoliation, Moisturizing


Clear Liquid

pH: (Direct)


Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months, properly stored, in sealed container.

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.


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