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Reduce your footprint on the planet by 'upcycling' old rather than creating new

The cosmetics industry began with making use of the resources around us. These were usually animal based. Whether that was Squalene from shark liver oil, or Lanolin from sheep wool. The industry then moved on to ever more exotic materials of plant origin, leading to questions over sustainability. The use of stem cell technology has since been promoted but this approach has limitations, not least production capacity and cost.

We are demonstrating that the industry can go 'Full Circle' and look again at reusing existing materials, but from a vegetable origin; ensuring we can not only produce innovative and sustainable ingredients, but also reduce our footprint on the planet by making better use of the resources that are already available.


The Full Circle Charter:

  • NO NEW RESOURCES – They are out to prove that the industry can thrive solely by 'upcycling' existing materials
  • NO SMALL PACK SURCHARGES - Reduce waste and order to your exact batch size
  • NOTHING TO LANDFILL - It's already full enough
  • PLANT BASED - Natural products with vegan approval
  • LOW CARBON - No energy intensive chemistry here

FULL CIRCLE uPCYLED ingredients make use of a variety of by products and waste from the food industry such as rice that is the 'wrong size'; raspberry and blueberry pulp left over from fruit juice production; or olive stones discarded from the pressing of olive oil. They have a very clever team who develop these raw materials into innovative and sustainable cosmetic ingredients such as actives, oils and scrubs.

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BLUEBERRY NECTA Charcoal CRUSH ACTIVE <100 microns Charcoal CRUSH MICRO (100-300 microns)
Starting at:$35.00
Blueberry NECTA is a powerful antioxidant made from upcycled blueberry seeds, that works as a natural shield against blue light.
Thanks to its high fatty acid composition, it supports skin’s barrier function, resulting in protected, hydrated skin.
<100 (μm)
Charcoal CRUSH MICRO (100-300 μm)
Charcoal CRUSH SMALL (300-600 microns) RASPBERRY NECTA
Starting at:$24.00
Charcoal CRUSH SMALL (300-600 μm)
A nourishing and lightweight active raspberry oil, made from upcycled raspberry seeds. Rich in essential fatty acids and a natural source of vitamin E, Raspberry NECTA® is a naturally potent antioxidant that has been developed to hydrate and protect, while leaving skin feeling silky smooth