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FSS Acerola BioFerment FSS Agave HSP FSS Algae Extract G PF
FSS Acerola BioFerment
Starting at:$14.00
Starting at:$45.00
FSS Algae Extract G PF
Starting at:$12.00
FSS Acerola BioFerment is an ideal ingredient in cosmetic applications where non-synthetic, potent antioxidant benefits are de¬sired to promote a flawless, radiant complexion for naturally bright skin FSS Agave HSP is the result of the fermentation of agave with Saccharomyces cerevisiae for enhanced bioavailability to... FSS Algae Extract G PF can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care applications intended to deliver conditioning and moisturizing properties.
FSS Allspice Extract FSS Amber Extract (Water Soluble) FSS Apple AHA's
FSS Allspice Extract
Our Price:$12.00
FSS Apple AHA's
Starting at:$9.50
FSS Allspice Extract PF is a natural ingredient that can be used in skincare formulations to give the skin a more moisturized and soft appearance. FSS Amber Extract is an water-soluble material which can be used in a variety of formulations to nourish and condition the skin while capitalizing on the marketability of amber’s rejuvenating and age-defying attributes. FSS Apple AHA’s AQ are primarily recommended for exfoliation and cellular renewal applications. FSS Apple AHA’s AQ containing apple extracts, when blended with malic, glycolic, lactic, and citric acids ...
FSS Apple Cider Vinegar Extract G FSS Arnica Extract PF FSS Avocado BioFerment
FSS Arnica Extract PF
Starting at:$19.50
FSS Avocado BioFerment
Starting at:$10.25
FSS Apple Cider Vinegar Extract G PET is the perfect addition to hair and skin care formulations where marketing the benefits of apple cider vinegar are desired. FSS Arnica Extract PF may be useful in skin care formulations that are intended to reduce epidermal inflammation and irritation... For natural skin care, avocado extract is commonly found in facial masks, cleansing, toning and moisturizing products.
FSS Bamboo BioFerment PF FSS Bamboo Extract G (Glycerin) FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF
FSS Bamboo BioFerment PF
Starting at:$18.00
FSS Bamboo Isoflavones PF
Starting at:$19.00
Consider bamboo as a natural, exotic alternative to silicone! Bamboo is a rich source of silica, which is an essential nutrient... FSS Bamboo Isoflavones is a natural alternative to silicone with the added benefit of strong antioxidant protection. FSS Bamboo Isoflavones is suitable for improving epidermal slip and aesthetics, and it may be used in applications such as lotions...
FSS Bamboo Water FSS Barrier Protect FSS Beer Extract
FSS Bamboo Water
Starting at:$18.00
FSS Barrier Protect
Starting at:$18.00
FSS Beer Extract
Starting at:$11.50
FSS Bamboo Water is excellent for use in skin and personal care applications as it can help balance hydration while also capturing the true essence of bamboo Manufactured using extracts of Sandalwood, Phellodendron Amurense Bark, and Barley…
FSS Barrier Protect can be used in cosmetic and personal care applications
The hops in beer are good exfoliators, which help the skin to retain moisture, decrease the rough feel, and increase skins renewal.  FSS Beer Extract is a trendy approach to products that provide great benefits to the hair and skin
FSS Beta-Glucan PF
Starting at:$15.00
FSS Bio-Chelate Gold PF
Starting at:$21.00
Starting at:$12.50
Beta-Glucan is a natural high-molecular weight polysaccharide naturally occurring in the cell walls of cereals, yeast, bacteria, and fungi. It is derived from Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) mushrooms
FSS Bio-Chelate Gold PF is an aqueous solution of bio-chelated gold that is suitable for use in a wide variety of personal care formulations. Moisture depletion in skin can be remedied from bamboo-enriched water by moving water from high concen­trations to low concentrations for decreased cell damage. Active Concepts performed a 30-day efficacy study of bamboo extracts on skin...
FSS Biomilk Rice PF FSS Biopolymer Chia PF FSS BIOPOLYMER SOY PF
FSS Biomilk Rice PF
Starting at:$15.00
FSS Biopolymer Chia PF
Starting at:$25.00
Starting at:$25.00
Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract - Consists of grain milk produced from rice. FSS Biopolymer Chia is a modified protein with a lipid moiety that disrupts the surface tension of sebum on the skin by naturally binding to excess sebum FSS Biopolymer Soy PF is a modified protein with a lipid moiety that disrupts the surface tension of sebum on the skin by naturally binding to excess sebum.
FSS Birch Wood Bark Extract PF FSS Black Algae Extract FSS Black Walnut Husk Extract SF
FSS Black Algae Extract
Starting at:$14.00
White Birch Bark Extract is an extract from the bark of the Betula Alba Tree. White Birch is known for its purifying and detoxifying effects Black Algae Extract contains large concentrations of various nutrients, such as B vitamin complex and numerous proteins FSS Black Walnut Husk Extract SF is an aqueous extract produced from the husks of Juglans nigra, entirely free of
iodine. FSS Black Walnut Extract SF is an ideal additive for self-tanning formulations to be used as a marker.
FSS Blueberry Extract G FSS Boswellia Extract G FSS Botanical Blend 2
FSS Blueberry Extract G
Starting at:$12.50
FSS Boswellia Extract G
Starting at:$15.00
FSS Botanical Blend 2
Starting at:$13.00

Blueberry Fruit Extract is a natural extract of the fruit of Vaccinium Angustifolium.

Blueberry Extract is commonly used in products suitable for use in face/body washes, lotions and hair care.

Boswellia Serrata Gum Extract - extracted from the gum residue of the Boswellia Serrata Tree (Indian Frankinscense). This Unique Botanical blend contains: Dill Extract, Botrytis Sprout Extract, Acephala Sprout Extract, Cabbage Sprout Extract & Broccoli Extract
FSS Botanical Blend 4 FSS Botanical Complex FSS Botanical Sugar Complex
FSS Botanical Blend 4
Starting at:$13.00
FSS Botanical Complex
Starting at:$5.00
This Unique Botanical blend contains:
Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract & Equisetum Arvense Extract & Asparagopsis Armata Extract & Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract
FSS Botanical Complex is a water soluble botanical blend contains Peppermint, Yucca, Melissa, Nettle and Horsetail Extract. Using tapioca, a starch derived from the cassava plant, FSS Botanical Sugar Complex was developed to provide a brand-differentiating product that’s hard to resist