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Organic Emulsifier Blend 60
Organic Emulsifier Blend 60

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Organic Emulsifier Blend 60:
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Organic Emulsifier Blend 60

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Today’s consumer is concerned about synthetic ingredients in cosmetic products they use every day. Due to growing consumer awareness of sustainability and vegan lifestyle, all natural and plant-based products are on demand, while most functional ingredients in cosmetic formulations are synthetically derived. Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 was developed a USDA-NOP certified organic emulsifier to deliver the solution from nature to the personal care industry. Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 combines the natural emulsifying properties of rice bran with guar gum to stabilize emulsions for elegant formulations.

Traditionally, organic emulsifiers lack the ability to deliver elegant formulations. Due to the fact that emulsification is a natural process, nature has the solution for cosmetic formulators. Nature produces its own emulsifiers, which allow both oil and water-soluble biomolecules to coexist as complex systems in plants. Specifically, the combination of organic rice bran and guar gum form a natural emulsifier ideal for oil-in-water systems. Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 is developed through a proprietary manufacturing process to bring elegance in organic formulations.


Rice bran is a byproduct of rice milling, and is rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acid content. Rice bran naturally contains lipase, an enzyme that hydrolyzes lipids into free fatty acids (FFA) leading to rancidity in final products.1 If rice bran is stabilized, immediately after milling, rancidity is prevented. Some of the common methods used for lipase deactivation in rice bran are high temperature treatments and chemical processing. These methods are known to improve the shelf life of rice bran products but also they can significantly lower the nutrient content and purity of ingredients.2

Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 was developed using a proprietary method of three-dimensional particle assembly designed with stabilized, pure rice bran proteins and lipids combined in guar gum, which help create an exceptional certified organic emulsifier ideal for a variety of oil-in-water systems. This method combines only physical processes including wet extrusion and cryogenic milling to avoid the use of harsh chemicals or denaturing high temperatures preventing the loss of natural emulsifying properties of rice bran.

Organic rice bran is stabilized using a wet extrusion process, carried out in high moisture, a low-temperature system in the presence of amylase, an enzyme capable of digesting starches. The high moisture environment helps gelatinize carbohydrates of rice bran allowing the amylase enzymes to selectively digest the extra starch particles leaving out a high content of lipids and proteins. Then, protein and lipid content is determined prior to the addition of organic guar gum powder in the micro-milling process. Derived from Cyamopsis tetragonolbles, guar gum mainly functions in the water phase of an emulsion by naturally binding with water molecules to improve viscosity and texture of formulations. The cryogenic miller allows us to design the ideal microparticles composed of a balanced amount of dehydrated lipophilic and hydrophilic components necessary for stable emulsification. As a result, the three-dimensional design of rice bran and guar gum microparticles encourages a stable and balanced affinity to both oil and water molecules in systems with a 20% lipid load. Dehydrated components of microparticles hydrate immediately once mixed in oil and water phases of emulsions creating homogenous, smooth creams and lotions. Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 is a USDA certified organic emulsifier composed of selectively assembled microparticles that exhibits a natural affinity to both oil and water molecules allowing formulators to create stable emulsions.


The physical texture of a formula offers the immediate perception of a cosmetic product. A formulation that glides smoothly on the skin elicits positive emotions for the product. However, organic cosmetic regulations challenge formulators when creating organic finished products. Designed with the latest technology and quality ingredients, Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 is able to establish purely luxurious, stable emulsions that deliver multifunctional benefits all in one. We combine the efficacy from nature with our green and clean technology. Forming an easy to use, all-in-one emulsifier that breaks the challenges in the organic cosmetic marketplace. Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 is ideal for oil-in-water emulsions to help form a variety of textures involving gels, creams, and lotions. This product not only elevates the sensory properties of formulations but also adds pigment dispersion and moisturization benefits to organic cosmetic products.

An emulsification study was performed to determine the ability of Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 to form stable emulsions compared to a generic non-organic emulsifier and organic rice emulsifier blend with guar gum. Generally, a good emulsion lacks clumps or crystals and contains small and evenly dispersed micelles. Clumps, crystals, and agglomerates are signs of unstable emulsions that are prone to phase separation. As shown in Figure 1, the emulsion created with Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 contains various small size micelles evenly dispersed throughout the emulsion. Figure 2, represents an emulsion made with a standard organic rice emulsifier and guar gum, which displays a good amount of small size micelles, however, crystals and agglomerates are also present.

The above listed ingredient are prepared from non-GMO organisms. It can also be classified as Vegan Compliant and free of residual pesticides and heavy metals.

INCI Name: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract & Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum

Suggested Usage Rate: 1.00-4.00%

CAS Number: 90106-37-9 & 9000-30-0

EINECS Number: N/A & 232-536-8

Origin: Botanical


GMO Free

No Ethoxylation

No Irradiation

No Sulphonation


Preservatives: None

Antioxidants: None

Other additives: None

Solvents Used: N/A

Appearance: Light Beige to Tan Free Flowing Powder

Soluble/ Miscible: Water Dispersible

Microbial Count: <100 CFU/g, No Pathogens

Formulating Guidelines:

Recommended to add to the aqueous phase. Allow to hydrate.

pH Stability: 4 to 7

Temperature Stability: 4 to 80°C

Suggested Applications:

Primary Emulsification, Improves

Sensory Attributes, Pigment Dispersion


1. Mian N. Riaz, et al. Comparison of Different Methods for Rice Bran Stabilization and Their Impact on Oil Extraction and Nutrient Destruction, Cereal Foods World,

2010 AACC International, Inc.

2. Jeon, H., Lee, I., Han, Y., Jeong, H., Park, H., Jung, J., & Rhee, J. (2017). Physicochemical Characteristics of Powder from Cryogenic Grinding of

Aronia, Grapefruit, Black Bean, and Germinated Brown Rice. Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters,45(4), 291-298. doi:10.4014/mbl.1712.12014

Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 - Dispersion
Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 - Oil Loading

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