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Organic Hemp Seed RS/SNO

Seeds from the Hemp or Cannabis sativa plant have been called the most nutritionally complete food source in the world. The seeds contain all essential amino acids and fatty acids in a digestible form. Hemp Seed is known in cosmetics as improving skin moisture and anti-aging. Because it is so rich in Vitamin D, it works great in shampoos, conditioners and styling agents.
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Organic Hemp Seed RS (Rice Solution) Organic Hemp Seed SNO (Sunflower Oil)
Organic Hemp Seed in Rice Solution
Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract & Water & Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract
Hemp Seed Oil (Sunflower oil) Contains 57% linoleic (LA) and 19% Linolenic (LNA) acids and antioxidants in the form of Vitamin E and carotene. Phytosrerols, phospolipds as well as a number of minerals including....