Active.Lite Relaxer

Active.Lite® Relaxer was created to supplement the relaxer process to protect the hair fiber from excessive damage while yielding results of smoother, shinier, silkier, more conditioned hair.

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Active.Lite® Relaxer

Benefits of Active.Lite® Relaxer

• Protects Hair

• Creates Supportive Matrix

• Provides Moisturization

• Strengthens Hair



Chemical Relaxers have withstood the test of time remaining one of the top products used to combat unmanageable hair. However, as all things do with time, the relaxer has aged, remaining without significant innovation since the battle of lye vs. no lye formulations. Even that has not changed the customary dry, brittle breakage accompanied by irritation and pain from a chemical relaxer. While there is no end in sight for the pain of beauty, there is an end to dry, brittle, damaged, and prone to breakage hair with Active.Lite® Relaxer. Active.Lite® Relaxer is the ideal all in one treatment to protect against the harsh effects of a chemical relaxer while promoting healthy, smooth cuticles.

Chemical relaxers leave the hair dry, damaged, weak, nonresistant to day to day stressors and vulnerable to breakage. This effects the overall appearance and the unseen mechanical properties of the hair. A revolutionary product was designed to improve both the visual, sensorial, and mechanical properties of relaxed hair with Active.Lite® Relaxer.



Active.Lite® Relaxer was created to supplement the relaxer process to protect the hair fiber from excessive damage while yielding results of smoother, shinier, silkier, more conditioned hair. Active.Lite® Relaxer creates a highly effective three dimensional hybrid biopolymer to support the hair fiber throughout the harsh chemical treatment while still allowing the relaxer to penetrate into the cortex of the hair fiber and produce a sleek, straight, more manageable hair. A biopolymer is a complex polymeric compound that adopts a precise and defined three dimensional shape and structure. The defined shape and structure of the biopolymer is indeed key to the function. In the case of Active.Lite® Relaxer, the protective biopolymer formed is used to improve the performances of the biologically active molecules within the hair fiber during the chemical treatment. The three dimensional scaffold design is meant to create an environment that mimics the physical property of the hair cuticle to create a supportive matrix to sustain the hair fiber throughout the harsh chemical treatment.

The three dimensional hybrid biopolymer is created by the attraction of the cationically charged Active.Lite® Relaxer to the anionically charged hair fiber. The cuticle of the hair can be broken down into four respective layers: epicuticle- a very thin membrane mostly nonexistent in Africa- American hair, A-layer- most resistant layer housing the most crosslinks, the exocuticle-also a significant source of crosslinks works with the A-layer to form a strong resistance, and the endocuticle- the innermost layer which has significantly lower sulfur content and fewer crosslinks, making this layer the weakest, most porous cuticle layer. Active.Lite® Relaxer, fueled by the difference in charges, ionically binds to the outer most layer of the cuticle, the A-layer due to its high levels of disulfide bonds and isopeptide crosslinks. The A-layer is the target of Active.Lite® Relaxer due it its higher resistance to solubilization by a reducing agent, the relaxer treatment, than any other layer of the hair. Active.Lite® Relaxer acts as a reinforcement to the strong A-layer within the hair cuticle and creates the supportive, effective 3D biopolymer. This acts as a protecting agent while the alkaline relaxer enters the cuticle by raising the innermost, weakest layer of the cuticle, the endocuticle. The relaxer penetrates the cortex to work effectively while Active.Lite® Relaxer is creating a support system to reinforce the hairs structure and inhibit excessive damage to the hair fiber.

Based on research, for optimum results, Active.Lite® Relaxer should be added to two steps in the relaxer process- the relaxer itself and the neutralizing shampoo. The two step process works coactively to produce the desired effect. The neutralizing step in the relaxer process acts to cap the broken disulfide bonds and discontinue the alkaline straightening process. Adding Active.Lite® Relaxer, into this crucial step, allows it to penetrate the uplifted scales of the cuticle and bind to replenish the damaged and or lost glue like Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) within the cuticle. Active.Lite® Relaxer binds, seals, and smooths the cuticle by creating a supportive scaffolding matrix which imparts a sealant effect. Untreated, healthy hair has a smooth cuticle yielding a smooth appearance, by cementing the treated cuticle closed, the hair appears smoother, more resistant to breakage, and less vulnerable to day to day stressors hair experiences.

Active.Lite® Relaxer is a self-supporting, all-in-one treatment enhancing product that offers real results needed in the current market and desired by consumers.


The components that comprise Active.Lite® Relaxer create a highly effective hybrid biopolymer that offers a vast array of benefits. It protects the hair from damage associated with the harsh effects of chemical treatments. Active.Lite® Relaxer is a chemically resilient material that ionically binds to hair cuticles and offers long-term protection from harsh hair relaxers. The cationic charge of Active. Lite® Relaxer attracts to anionic porous hair and creates a supporting scaffolding like matrix to support hair whilst still allowing the relaxer to penetrate between uplifted scales in the cuticle to smooth the texture of coarse, kinky hair.

Active. Lite® Relaxer promotes healthy cuticles post treatment and creates a visually smoother, shinier, straighter, silkier, more conditioned feel to the hair. Active.Lite® Relaxer can be added to virgin relaxer and all touch up treatments to protect the hair over the lifespan of relaxer treatments. Active. Lite® Relaxer is the ideal addition for hair relaxers to help protect and create healthier looking and feeling hair.


INCI Nomenclature: Polyquaternium-80 & Water & Pisum Sativum (Pea)
Peptide & Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract & Sclerocarya Birrea Fruit Extract
Appearance:Clear to Slightly Hazy Semi-Viscous Liquid
Solubility: Water Soluble
Suggested Use Levels: Refer to our Formulation Guidelines
Suggested Applications: Hair Protection, Nourishing, Support
Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.
This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate.

All products sold are cosmetic grade; External Use Only; Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulations Only.

Our products are for cosmetic and personal care formulations only; External Use Only. We recommend working with a chemist or a formulator if you’re not advanced in formulating.

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