Make your Mark
Make your mark!

Creating Your Own Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Formulating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a chemist. It's how you make your mark. The synthesis of art and science is the essence of cosmetic formulating. Creating your own cosmetic product can be most rewarding. As you gain more experience, you'll discover ingredients you enjoy working with and others you avoid. Develop your own style - Concoct formulas and products that are genuinely unique to you!

Follow the steps below and convert your own creative ideas into the cosmetic products you desire!

Good luck as you embark on your journey as a Cosmetic Formulator!!

Once you get the basic steps down, it's quite simple and takes just a short period of your time.

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1. Define

2. Locate

3. Prepare

4. Make

5. Test

1. Define
Before you get started, you need to think about what you are going to make. What functions do you want your product to achieve? Are you looking to make a moisturizer, a coloring product, or maybe a combination of factors? Another feature you need to ponder are the aesthetic characteristics, such as color, thickness, clarity, and the cosmetic product form.

2. Locate
Locate a Formula - You may request from us. Purchase Formulation Calculator to help get you started.
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3. Prepare

Once you determine how much you want to make, create a spreadsheet listing the quantity of each ingredient required. Additionally, you'll need to list the specifications that you will test of the finished batch. Next, gather up all the raw materials and processing equipment needed to make the batch. Finally, it's time to put on your safety glasses and start making your batch!

4. Make
Make the Batch - Imagine baking your favorite cookies. Following the recipe is essential to ensure your dessert is delicious! Like cooking, you will need to weigh out your ingredients, mix them together as dictated in the procedure and heat & cool as noted on the formula. During the entire process, you should be writing detailed notes and observations in your notebook. These will come in handy when you need to make refinements for future prototypes.

5. Test
Once you've finished your formula, you'll want to test it to see how successful you were. After letting the sample equilibrate to room temperature, take appropriate measurements like pH and viscosity to see if you are within the specifications. Also, weigh the batch to see how much water weight you lost during the heating and cooling process. If you lost more than a few % of water you may want to add water to make up the difference.

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