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An emulsion is comprised of little droplets of one phase surrounded by another. A stable emulsion will make a good lotion or cream.

Formulas with less emulsifier and more water are generally lotions. Higher levels of oils and emulsifier and less water are generally creams.

If you would like more information on how to make an emulsion, Please e-mail us and we can guide you.

No Stabilizing or Gelling agents required when you use our PhytoMulse products!

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Starting at:$4.25
Candelilla Wax Candelilla Wax
Starting at:$5.50
Cera Bellina Cera Bellina
Starting at:$3.00
Cetyl Alcohol Cetyl Alcohol
Starting at:$3.50
Cromollient SCE Cromollient SCE
Starting at:$3.00
FSS Behenyl Alcohol FSS Behenyl Alcohol
Starting at:$4.00
FSS Laurel Wax FSS Laurel Wax
Starting at:$8.50
FSS Myrica Fruit Wax FSS Myrica Fruit Wax
Starting at:$9.00
FSS Phytomulse Almond FSS Phytomulse Almond
Starting at:$2.00
FSS Phytomulse Coconut FSS Phytomulse Coconut
Starting at:$2.20
FSS Sodium Surfactin FSS Sodium Surfactin
Starting at:$4.00
FSS Soy Lecithin FSS Soy Lecithin
Starting at:$8.00
Starting at:$12.00
Montanov 68 MB Montanov 68 MB
Starting at:$2.00
OliveM 1000 OliveM 1000
Starting at:$4.50
OliveM 300 OliveM 300
Starting at:$2.50
OliveM 900 OliveM 900
Starting at:$4.15
Poly Suga Mulse D6 Poly Suga Mulse D6
Starting at:$17.00
Poly Suga Mulse D9 Poly Suga Mulse D9
Starting at:$15.00
PolyAquol-2W PolyAquol-2W
Starting at:$9.00
Ritamulse SCG Ritamulse SCG
Starting at:$2.50
Siligel Siligel
Starting at:$7.00
Sucragel AOF Sucragel AOF
Starting at:$19.00
Sucragel CF Sucragel CF
Starting at:$19.00
VARISOFT EQ 65 Pellets VARISOFT EQ 65 Pellets
Starting at:$3.50