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Inspiration Lab

Welcome to the inspiration lab! Here we take a look at growing market trends, innovative ingredients, and creative formulations. Helping to inspire and educate so that you can Make Your Mark!®

Emotional Beauty 

More than Just Emotions

Cosmetic and personal care products play a key role in the connection between our emotions and our appearance. The relationship between the brain and skin is bidirectional - just as the state of our minds can affect our skin, our skin and appearance can affect our mind. 


Bath Bomb 

Elevate your bath bomb formulation

Want a fun way to spice up your bathing experience? What a better way than to include a fizzing bath bomb! No matter if you are searching for a relaxing soak, or one that can provide exceptional skin benefits, the following ingredients can be combined for the bathing experience of a lifetime! Formulator Sample Shop has a variety of remarkable ingredients that can enhance any bath bomb experience.


Baby Care

Offering moisturizing, nourishing, and conditioning benefits for parents' peace of mind.

Hygiene and personal care are important factors regardless of age. The beauty industry provides products targeting specific age groups to fit the needs of various skin ages and types. Baby personal care is increasing in popularity throughout the cosmetic and beauty industry. Babies have soft, delicate skin which can be very sensitive to a variety of ingredients resulting in discomfort, rashes, redness
and irritation. 

Men's Care

Innovations for the Well-Groomed Male 

The modern man is mindful with his appearance and ever more aware of the benefits associated with a proper
grooming routine. Men’s personal care products used to consist of shaving cream, shampoo, and deodorant, but
the result of the growing global men’s grooming market is a myriad of products – moisturizers, facial cleansers,
anti-aging lotions, concealers, and even facial masks—all designed specifically for men.



Brand-differentiating with exotic origins 

When looking for an exotic ingredient, it is important to know that the definition of exotic may vary depending on the individual 
person. However, when exotic botanicals and actives are sought after, all definitions can agree on one thing: uniqueness. Not only 
are the ingredients listed throughout this catalog catered for the skin and hair, but each one incorporates the abundance of their 
biologically active compounds.



Ingredients ideal for pet care

Pet care is not only a growing industry, the ripple effect of natural and sustainable ingredients becoming a priority in personal care products has pet owners treating their animals to the best there is to offer. According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 70 percent of U.S. households own a pet. Pet care may sound like a niche category, but when you consider that two out of three U.S. households have pets, the magnitude of the industry starts to become clear.



Functional Actives

Nail care has become an important beauty routine much like a skin or hair care regimen. A ritualistic indulgence to keep our hands,
feet, and nails healthy and beautiful. With bold colors and eclectic designs, nail care offers a unique opportunity for self-expression.
Nail care incorporates manicures, pedicures, artificial nails, removers, and polishes, as well as creams, oils, and lotions. Moisturizing
and exfoliating properties prepare and hydrate the nails and surrounding skin to maximize protection for the nail plate and minimize
or repair damage.


Rise of the tweens

For years, brands within the cosmetic and personal care industry have historically created products focused on both young and mature adults. From anti-aging to wrinkle reduction our industry has covered it all. Except one rising area- tweens! The interest in skincare and cosmetic products only continue to gro for those ages 9 to 12. The desire to prevent and protect, while also feeling confident , are the key to focus points for these young tweens. However, the questions remiain as to what products do they need? What skin concerns should be addressed? What ingredients are ideal for tween formulations?


Scrub it Away

Exfoliation is an important addition to the daily beauty ritual. By ridding the top layer of dead skin cells, younger, more radiant skin can shine though. By allowing this process to occur, the appearance of lines and wrinkles may also decrease. This process also prepares 
skin for moisturizer to be applied by opening the pores, thus maximizing moisturization.



Condition, Nourish, and Revitalize

Different ethnic groups have observable differences when it comes to hair, such as structure, density, and growth rate. Although all
human hair has the same basic chemical position, each individual has a specific hair color, texture, and density to set them apart in
society. Ethnic hair refers to hair that is especially thick and dense, compared to thinner and straighter hair. When looking to express
natural ethnic hair for the beautiful, individualistic qualities it has, one must consider using products that will implement protective,
reparative, and preventative measures to ensure the hair is thriving in an often environmentally-damaging world.


Fruits, Veggies, Grains...oh my!

Today’s modern consumer drives innovation in the market including industries such as wellness, nutrition, food and beverage,
fashion, and personal care. As awareness progresses, consumer focus shifts to natural, botanical ingredients offering sustainable
origins and nutritional histories. With an importance on vegan and nature derived materials, it is not surprising for fruits, vegetables,
and grains to increase in popularity. Superfoods are becoming the norm throughout the economy as individuals focus on healthy
lifestyle changes including food, beverages, and cosmetic products. 











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