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FSS Saccharomyces Ferment
FSS Saccharomyces Ferment


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FSS Saccharomyces Ferment:
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FSS Saccharomyces Ferment

Derived from yeast

Preserved with Leucidal Liquid


Stress is a word that ruminates in our mind. But this isn’t just an emotion we feel when up against a deadline at the office or running late to pick the kids up after school. Our bodies are exposed to an array of environmental stressors daily. Physical stress is defined as a specific response by the body to a stimulus that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism. Examples include extreme temperature conditions, ROS attack and UV exposure. Overtime, the damage caused by environmental stressors builds. It takes its toll on the body and contributes to extrinsic signs of aging that manifest in wrinkle formation, dull, dry skin and a loss of elasticity.

We have evolved a series of proteins as a means to protect ourselves from such damage. These proteins were first observed in the early 1960s by scientists examining the stress response of flies to heat. This discovery led to the classification of a specific series of proteins called heat shock proteins (HSP). It is now understood that these proteins are produced as a bio-protective response to more than just heat. In fact the body produces heat shock proteins to counteract inflammation, chemical threat, starvation and a lack of oxygen. Not surprisingly, HSP play a variety of roles in the body, they stabilize cell membranes, aid in protein transport, and are integral to the cell’s repair system. They are also involved in maintaining proper cardiovascular and immune function. When cells are subjected to stress, HSP work to duplicate functions that become disabled by the stressor, or protect the cell against additional stress. Given the similarity between yeast cells and our own, research has shown that HSP isolated from yeast can be used topically to reduce or reverse the damaging stress presented to human cells.

Using HSP in applications such as skin care products and cosmetics allows consumers to work proactively to combat damage and optimize the health and resilience of the skin. In terms of marketing appeal, yeast HSP are the perfect addition to almost any formula. The modern consumer population is for the most part divided into two broad categories, those seeking natural, traditional ingredients and those in search of high-tech, ingredients that offer a scientific flair. FSS Saccharomyces Ferment can be used to appeal to both market segments. It is derived from yeast, which is traditionally used in fermentation. Fermentation is of course one of the oldest technologies developed thousands of years ago, it is now considered to be more of an art form than a science which is used to produce a vast number of foods including cheese, bread, wine and beer. This is of course appealing to the naturalist in all of us, but FSS Saccharomyces Ferment can be used to also convey a sense of modern technology to deliver high-impact efficacy.

Skin Care Benefits

In terms of skin care, FSS Saccharomyces Ferment can be used as a potent anti-aging ingredient. Research has shown that yeast fractions help to increase cellular respiration and metabolism to improve efficiency, while also increasing the production of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin. Such proteins are integral for maintaining the skin’s youthful tone and elasticity while simultaneously combating wrinkle formation.

INCI Nomenclature:

Saccharomyces Ferment

Suggested Use Levels:



Clear to Slightly Hazy Liquid


Water Soluble

Suggested Applications:

Increase Cell Respiration, Increase Cell Metabolism

pH: (@ 25C)


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