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Our SilDerm® Product Line consists of silicone polymers that serve multifarious purposes in cosmetic formulations. The suggested applications range from film-formers and thickeners to emulsifiers and dispersers. SilDerm® Products can help enhance the functionality and marketability of skin and hair care formulations. If you're looking for a natural replacement to silicone, try our Bamboo Bioferment. Click here to view.

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EcoSil FSS Bio-Chelate SIL (Silicone) FSS HYALUROSOME FSS Plant SIL Blend
Starting at:$6.00
Starting at:$19.00
FSS Plant SIL Blend
Starting at:$10.00
Fision® EcoSil is made from olive oil esters and olive oil unsaponifiables. These oils as combined herein deliver emollience and skin nourishing properties. EcoSil has a sensory profile similar to dimethicone
FSS Bio-Chelate SIL is a silicone soluble and contains zinc, copper, manganese, iron, silicon and potassium FSS Hyalurosome is based on a solid core formed from a silicone copolymer. This copolymer is porous in nature allowing it to be loaded with a variety of actives... FSS Plant SIL Blend is a blend of edelweiss and sunflower seed extracts. This blend can provide protection, nourishment and moisture balance for younger looking skin.
FSS Silderm Acrylate FSS SilDerm Smoothing - Cyclomethicone & Dimethicone FSS SilDerm Softening FSS SilDerm SQ
FSS Silderm Acrylate
Starting at:$19.00
FSS SilDerm Softening
Starting at:$15.00
FSS SilDerm SQ
Starting at:$14.00
Silderm Acrylate is a clear liquid that is intended for use as an ingredient in make-up products such as lipstick, foundation, mascara and blush. SilDerm® Smoothing - cyclomethicone and dimethicone. SilDerm® Softening forms a smooth film on the skin, creating a silky, gel-like cushion to allow for the possibility
of long-wearing make-up potential.
SilDerm® SQ is a modification of traditional Polymethylsilsesquioxane
SilDerm EPSQ Gel SilDerm Formulating Base SilDerm Illuminating SilDerm® Conditioning Cashmere
SilDerm EPSQ Gel
Starting at:$13.00
SilDerm Formulating Base
Starting at:$23.00
SilDerm Illuminating
Starting at:$21.00
SilDerm® EPSQ Gel is a light-weight, plush, gel formulation that dries on the skin as a fluffy powder. SilDerm® Formulating Base is an excellent base useful for designing a variety of decorative applications, including primers and liquid foundations. SilDerm® Illuminating is a combination of a dimethicone polymer and a phenyl trimethicone which creates a silky formula that illuminates the skin to reveal a subtle glow.
This is a silicone-based polymer is wrapped in cashmere and dispersed in dimethicone, which creates a gel structure that adds a unique textural element and surmounts any problems with polymer-absorption characteristics.