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FSS Collagen PrePeptide is pure (>99.7%) G-P-Hyp tripeptide produced synthetically, without the use of animal derived products or genetically modified organisms. With a molecular weight of 285 D it shows excellent bioavailability. FSS CollaSyn Hydrolysate HYA PF uses a combination of hydrolyzed, synthetic collagen and hyaluronic acid in order to provide powerful benefits to the skin. FSS HYA Solution 1% PF was designed help maintain the optimal structure of the skin while moisturizing and plumping to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. FSS HYA Solution 1% PF utilizes the anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid to condition and moisturize the skin as well as add anti-aging benefits to any formulation.
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Plump firm lips are one of the de rigueur fashion accessories of the moment. This trend exists not only in aging populations but also among an increasingly younger demographic. The question becomes how does one best delivery collagen into the lip? Most lip prepara­tions are lipid-based eliminating the possibility of traditional systems such as liposomes. As an alternative we have developed a FSS NanoVesicular System... FSS Phyto‐Oil C3 is a delivery system containing Ceramide 3 along with fatty acids and sterols that are needed for optimal Ceramide 3 activity. FSS Phyto‐Oil C3 is intended to improve long‐term moisturization while simultaneously protecting hair...phytoceramides
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FSS Southernwood Plump PD
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FSS Pomegranate Sterols may be used as a natural replacement for synthetic materials such as petrolatum, or animal derived materials like lanolin. FSS Pomegranate Sterols can increase hydration, and enhance barrier function... FSS Southernwood Plump BG consists of oligosaccharides that may stimulate adipogenesis in vivo thus triggering a swelling of adipocytes.
FSS Southernwood Plump PD consists of oligosaccharides that may stimulate adipogenesis in vivo thus triggering a swelling of adipocytes.
Organic Dehydrasome Plump
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FSS VITA-MARINE AVOCADO LIPS -  By dispersing our FSS Vita-Marine Avocado Lips in Avocado oil, we have created a material with good oxidative stability and silky, smooth sensorial properties, ideal for any lip application. Organic Dehydrasome Plump was developed, which can be used in certified organic make up formulations to plump the lips. It also contains yeast extract that provides both nutritive and conditioning benefits.