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Today, the educated consumer is demanding pain-free and fast acting alternatives to traditional methods that are used to rejuvenate the skin such as surgery, injections and harsh chemical treatments. For this reason, FSS Party Face was developed, a unique multitasking cosmetic ingredient that consists of a pioneering blend of small and large peptides. This blend is designed to provide immediate skin lifting and firm­ing properties while simultaneously providing long term intense anti-aging benefits.

FSS Party Face contains sweet almond and hydrolyzed rice proteins. The innova­tive, natural polymer created from sweet almond peptides adheres to the outer most layer of the skin forming a stable yet supple film. This film provides imme­diately perceivable skin lifting and tightening benefits which are ideal for use in cosmetic applications designed to provide on the spot intense results.

In addition to their superb anti-aging benefits, almonds also provide great marketing appeal. These nutritious seeds have long been used in a variety of culinary, medicinal and cosmetic applications. Sweet almonds date back to pre- Biblical times and were even mentioned in the Bible itself. They have been used by many civilizations throughout the years to enhance the complexion and suppleness of the skin. Sweet almond products may also add anti-inflammatory benefits and have long been recognized to have a fine texture that leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

The other component of FSS Party Face consists of small sized peptides of hydrolyzed rice protein. The size of these peptides is typically less than 1400 Da. The reasoning behind adding these components into the blend is that they are capable of providing enhanced efficacy.

These peptides are designed to stimulate fibroblast proliferation, enhance collagen synthesis and improve cel­lular metabolism. By increasing cellular proliferation and metabolism we can help create a brighter, healthier and younger looking complexion. Enhancing collagen I synthesis helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to provide a more revitalized, smoother and firmer looking complexion.

The effectiveness of FSS Party Face was evaluated in variety of in vivo and in vitro studies. For instance, Figure 1 illustrates the ingredient’s capabil­ity to minimize wrinkles. After applying 4% FSS Party Face daily for 60 days, a 36% reduction in wrinkle length was observed. The study also revealed that a 17% reduction in wrinkle depth, a 19% reduction in their quantity and a 30% reduction in wrinkle surface area were also achieved. After statistically analyzing the results, we can confirm with 99% confidence that this ingredient is capable of significantly decreasing wrinkle characteristics to help provide smoother and firmer looking skin.

On the other hand, Figure 2 shows the capacity of this ingredient to deliver long term benefits by enhancing cel­lular proliferation. When used at 4%, FSS Party Face was able to increase proliferation by 72%. For this reason, this ingredient can also be used to significantly improve the skin’s suppleness and minimize dull and tired skin to reduce noticeable signs of aging. Other studies that were conducted show that FSS Party Face is also capable of providing long term skin lifting benefits while enhancing cellular recovery after UV damage, ATP consumption and collagen I synthesis. All of these benefits would help us to create smoother and revived looking skin.

As a result, this pioneering blend of consisting of optimized rice peptides and an innovative, natural polymer derived from sweet almond peptides is an exceptional rejuvenating ingredient. FSS Party Face is perfectly suited for cosmetic applications designed to revitalize the skin and to minimize and prevent further extrinsic aging. Additionally, the im­mediately perceivable benefits make of FSS Party Face the ideal dual action system which is also efficacious for helping to repair the visual signs of aging.
This product is preserved with Phenoxyethanol and EDTA*4Na

We also have Party Face POM that is preserved with Leucidal Liquid

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INCI Nomenclature:
Water & Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Seed Extract & Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
Suggested Use Levels:
Amber to Dark Brown Hazy Liquid
4.5 – 6.5

Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months, properly stored, in sealed container.

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate

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