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Active Micro Technologies Preservation Product Line including Leucidal Liquid!

Starting at:$17.50
FSS Bio-Chelate VC
Starting at:$75.00
FSS Goat Milk Hydrolysate
Starting at:$10.50
FSS ATP contains collagen amino acids that serve as potent moisturizers to further condition the skin and help provide a noticeable improvement in texture. Due to successful marketing campaigns of several large juice brands, consumers are now more familiar than ever with the potent antioxidant benefits associated with vitamin C.  As a result, consumers can easily identify with and seek comfort in... FSS Goat Milk Hydrolysate can be easily absorbed by the skin, to provide superior conditioning and moisturizing benefits.
Leucidal Liquid - natural, plant-based preservative
Starting at:$4.25
Organic phospholipids that are dispersed in biomimetic certified organic sunflower oil
Contains certified organic yogurt, cranberry, bilberry and blueberry extracts.
Leucidal Liquid is a natural, plant based preservative
FSS Yogurt Dermal Respiratory Factor PF is intended to increase cellular respiration, cellular metabolism and collage.
FSS Walnut Extract G
Our Price:$10.20
Starting at:$10.50
FSS Walnut Extract G is an excellent choice for cosmetic applications where nourishing, conditioning and protectant benefits are needed to enhance skin or hair health! Active Micro Technologies (AMT) has developed a unique blend of Asian botanicals with conditioning glycols that easily fits the niche of natural-themed product lines. FSS SynerCide Asian Fusion uses a pioneering method of infusing Garlic... Cocoa is rich in xanthine alkaloids, flavonols, and related oligomers. Typically, cocoa is applied to treat conditions like cellulite, focusing on the benefits of the xanthine alkaloids present as well as the ability of flavones to block estrogen receptors...