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Formulator Sample Shop® is a supplier of
specialty ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries.
We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of both formulators and manufacturers.
Unlike most specialty ingredient suppliers who have minimum orders, we offer you the capability to
purchase the exact quantity you need.

If you are looking for a particular product and unable to locate it on our website,
Please contact us 704-276-7099 or info@FormulatorSampleShop.com

We also have the opportunity to provide you with Formulations and Formulation Advice.

Featured Product

FSS Algae Oil is a unique algae derived oil that can fight the signs of aging naturally.

This unique ingredient can also be used tin a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care applications

intended to deliver conditioning and moisturizing properties.

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New LIP Plumper!

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Mikrocount® Combi
Mikrocount® Combi is an easy to use testing kit for
quality control checking of your cosmetic finished products.
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FSS ColorPlex Vol (Volume)
Starting at:$18.00
FSS Peppermint Oil
Our Price:$15.50
Sale Price$10.00
FSS Colorplex Vol also contains rice amino acids and lactobacillus/date fruit ferment. The sugars in the date ferment bind to the hair shaft adding volume and increasing combability while the rice amino acids provide volume to the hair. For best... Peppermint Oil is natural oil that is obtained from the peppermint plant.
Peppermint oil promotes healthy and clear skin.
The menthol in peppermint oil cools tired skin, brightens dull skin and helps control excess oil production
Active Micro Technologies has an ongoing pursuit of harnessing the natural mechanisms utilized by both plants and microorganisms to give themselves a competitive advantage over other organisms and for protecting themselves from their...
FSS Papaya Enzyme PF
Starting at:$14.00
Papaya contains Papain which is associated with soothing skin irritations and exfoliated dead cells. It is also capable of retaining proteolytic activity over a wide PH range. Leucidal Liquid  - FORMULATOR SAMPLE SHOP - Leucidal Liquid is a natural, plant-based preservative from Active Micro Technologies. In response to the jojoba oil supply shortage, Biomimetic Jojoba Oil Golden was developed
This compounded natural ingredient was created by blending a series of natural oils to simulate the unique skin benefits provided by jojoba oil...
Starting at:$27.50
Starting at:$10.50
FSS Phyto‐Oil C3 is a delivery system containing Ceramide 3 along with fatty acids and sterols that are needed for optimal Ceramide 3 activity. FSS Phyto‐Oil C3 is intended to improve long‐term moisturization while simultaneously protecting hair...phytoceramides Organic phospholipids that are dispersed in biomimetic certified organic sunflower oil
Contains certified organic pumpkin and mushroom.
Cocoa is rich in xanthine alkaloids, flavonols, and related oligomers. Typically, cocoa is applied to treat conditions like cellulite, focusing on the benefits of the xanthine alkaloids present as well as the ability of flavones to block estrogen receptors...