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FSS Amber Extract (Water Soluble)
FSS Amber Extract (Water Soluble)


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FSS Amber Extract:
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FSS Amber Extract PF

Water Soluble - Preserved with Leucidal Liquid - Contains Butylene Glycol

Touted as a “modern youth elixir,” Amber derived cosmetics are some of the most ancient cosmetic skin care products. Long associated with holistic healing, Amber exudes a supernatural quality and possesses a mystical appeal that has lured people to this stone. In fact, in his epic, “The Odyssey,” Homer claims that Amber is a “princely gift,” which will help increase longevity and youthfulness. To provide formulators with the remarkable rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits associated with amber, therefore FSS Amber Extract PF was created.

A semi-precious, yellowish-brown stone, Amber is naturally found as a semi-solid mass in the form of fossilized tree resin. The English word amber derives from the Arabic anbar, via Medieval Latin ambar and Old French ambre. The word originally referred to a precious oily material derived from the Sperm Whale, now called ambergris. The sense was extended to fossil resin circa 1400, and this became the main sense, as the use of ambergris waned. The two substances were confused, because they both were found washed up on beaches. However, the fossilized tree resin, Amber, has retained its allure for use in cosmetics products.

Commonly used in massage therapy, Amber is revered for its healing properties. Originally, traditional healers whom practiced holistic modalities employed amber as an antimicrobial to assist in wound healing. Amber extracts and oils penetrate the skin quickly and improve circulation while easing muscle tension. The resin has been shown to stimulate the development of and improve the overall functioning of cells. The use of Amber in Oils and Extracts in cosmetics is touted for its demonstrated youth-preserving and cell rejuvenating properties.

Amber’s anti-aging and restorative effects are often attributed to its high constituents of succinic acid. Succinic acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues and its availability to the skin is beneficial in many ways. The salt of succinic acid (succinate) is an active substance that promotes the process of cellular respiration and intercellular energy. The increase in cellular metabolism helps to detoxify the body and helps to restore homeostasis-promoting optimal function and health. Additionally, succinic acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight toxic free radicals which can stress the skin and result in redness and irritation. In conjunction with its antioxidant properties, succinic acid is also responsible for the antimicrobial properties of Amber. Together, the antioxidant and antimicrobial attributes of Amber help protect the skin from environmental and UV damage while providing soothing benefits to the skin.

FSS Amber Extract PF is an water-soluble material which can be used in a variety of formulations to nourish and condition the skin while capitalizing on the marketability of amber’s rejuvenating and age-defying attributes.

INCI Nomenclature:

Water & Butylene Glycol & Amber Extract

Suggested Use Levels:



Light to Medium Amber Hazy Liquid


Water Soluble



Storage: Protected from direct light and humidity at a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C)
Shelf life: 12 months, properly stored, in sealed container.

This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate

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